About Robert


Robert is a very patient person explained everything down to the last detail and was a great person to work with
Adrian D


We were met with a dilemma when we were notified that our landlord had passed away and the townhouse we planned to buy in 4 months was being put on the market immediately. We had 3 days to make an offer. It looked impossible as we did not think we were ready! Robert made it happen and we closed in 29 days! Just in time to avoid writing another rent check! Robert is a miracle worker.
Max M


Robert kept me informed throught the entire process , and got back with me quick with any questions I had ..I know he worked hard to ensure the process was as smooth as can be, and got me the best deal possible
Jaime Rodriguez


He was very personable.
Lerai Stanberry


We were on vacation and he found a notary who would come to our hotel and get documents signed.
George Cunningham